frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

Our cartons have been made from the same materials since 1988. Our board is from sustainably managed forests, our carton is paper with a plastic lining for the sealing, protection and freshness of our soup. This is recycled for reuse at the recycling facility.

Our carton is “Widely Recycled at Recycling Points” but please check locally for kerbside collection” Use this link and pop in your postcode www.ace-uk.co.uk

If you cannot include them in your kerbside collection, you can take your carton to your nearest recycling centre, for more information please use this link

You can microwave your soup by decanting into a microwavable bowl

You can still keep your soup for tomorrow, simply decant your remaining soup into an airtight container

We have easy to follow instructions at the top of your soup carton. Or you can watch our video on youtube.com/q--cupZ6Vtc